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Minutes - Sept. 29, 2020 Special Meeting

Village of Fultonville



Meeting opened at 6:00

Present at the meeting:

Mayor- Linda Petterson-Law

Trustee- Linda Denton-

Trustee Timothy Morford-

Trustee- Stephen Helmin-

Trustee- Jolene Hornbeck-


Others in attendance:

Sheriff Jeff Smith: Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office

Under Sheriff Carl Rust: Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office

Lieutenant Mike Lewis: Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office


Snyder Park: The Mayor asked the Sheriff if he had anything new to report. The Sheriff explained that there has been a change to the age law, and how it affects what/if they can be charged.


Anyone under 18 can not be charged with a violation. The Sheriff gave a list of things that are considered violations. They can be charged for a misdemeanor or felony. Parents can be contacted; they cannot be held.


Trustee Morford stated he also goes and speaks the people directly.


The Sheriff gave a rundown of  calls in the Village of Fultonville as of this date, it averages 1.5 calls per day. The Village of Fultonville is the safest place to live in Montgomery County.


Trustee Hornbeck asked the Sheriff what can we do for our residents that live by the park that are afraid to live there.

The Sheriff said to have them call every time they hear a noise.


Trustee Helmin spoke about possibly hiring an off-duty deputy. This would have to go through the Sheriff’s Office, and a contract would need to be signed.


Trustee Hornbeck asked if the Village installed cameras would we be able to hook them into the Sheriff’s office to be monitored?


Trustee Helmin asked if there is any reason the feed couldn’t be put up on a public website, it is a public park. The Sheriff suggests putting up signs stating the park is being monitored by cameras. Trustee Hornbeck suggested they state on the signs that it is going to the Sheriff’s office.


It was brought up about the task force that is being started. The Sheriff is willing to speak with them and tell them what they can/cannot do.


Trustee Helmin brought up the trucks and truck traffic on the hill. He mentioned the speed coming down the hill, trucks to heavy to make it up the hill.


Lieutenant Lewis explained Trans Law, the best he could.


Lost Boyz, Mass Gathering Permit was brought up: Their permit was revoked. They were served by certified mail.


Mayor Petterson-Law brought up the conversation regarding water bills and the Town of Glen. Sheriff Smith stated he had nothing to do with this.


The Mayor gave an update on 33 Main St.


The Mayor brought up that she got an email from Brett. He got a call from Nancy Nugent, The Lost Boyz, attorney. Nothing can be done because there is no application for a permit. Trustee Denton stated her opinion is, the right thing to do first is not renew and the second right thing to do is stand behind our residents who are not happy with them. The Board agreed on the stance that there is no application at this time.



MOTION MADE BY Trustee Hornbeck, to Adjourn, Seconded by Trustee Helmin. All AYES and No NAYS. MOTION PASSED


Respectfully submitted,

Vickie Romano


12/11/2020 6:55:07 PM