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Minutes March 19,2018

Village of Fultonville



Meeting opened at 6:05

Present at the meeting:

Mayor- Linda Petterson-Law

Trustee- Robyn Rose

Trustee- Linda Denton

Trustee Timothy Morford

Trustee-  Vacant







MOTION MADE BY:  Trustee Denton To Approve The Minutes of the February 20, 2018, Seconded by Trustee Rose as corrected, All Ayes and No Nayes. Motion Passed.



MOTION MADE BY:  Trustee Denton To Approve The Minutes of the March 5,2018 Public Hearing, Seconded by Trustee Rose. All Ayes and No Nayes. Motion Passed.





MOTION MADE BY:  Trustee Denton To Accept the Audit of the Bills and Pay those Bills for the Month, Seconded by Trustee Rose. All Ayes and No Nayes. Motion Passed.



Trustee Denton- Had a resident reach out to her because their dentist is looking for our annual water report to

see how much chlorine is in our water. Another resident reached out as well asking when village wide

 cleanup is. Did we ever find out anything about the cardboard? We are dealing with county waste, not getting and revenue. Key bank accounts transferred over yet?  At Town of Glen meeting J.D. brought up about the bun ban. Asked Billy if our residents had been notified. Robyn responded saying it is on the Fire Dept website. Please have it put on Village website. Are we going to set up a budget workshop?

Trustee Rose: Her question has already been addressed.

Trustee Morford: Adding information to the website Has the piece to update the Village sign. Has 1500 Easter

Eggs and candy to stuff in them. Robyn not allowed to help stuff.

Fire Chief’s Report: Spoke with Linda about LED lighting for the office area. The Fire Department would get

the lights. They are asking that the village pay the $500.00 to have them installed?  Ron is able to install

them. Fire Department still has a problem with a fire hydrant on the corner of Ann and Franklin, it is buried by snow.

Clerical Report: Still trying to get Spectrum set up. Nick needs rabies shots as a precaution for his Animal

Control duties.

Public Works, Ron: Ron apologized to Linda for the door, lip was a little high.

Code and Zoning, Grant: None



Statement of billing to FFJWWTP presented.

Have met with Tina about the budget, will set up a workshop after elections.

Discussed response to Ryan Kelly’s Facebook comments.

Discussed issues with Spectrum.

Holding to pick up Hydrant hats, just in case!

SAM Grant-$75,000.00 full reimbursable by the state, re could incur a cost initially of $10,000.00.

Laberge: We still have open grants with them 13, 14, 15, 16, and the WWTP. If we fault with them then the

 liability falls on the Village.  

The Village has been asked to participate in the States annual water taste test, and we are going to.

Clean Sweep will be the weekend of April 21st. We will be cleaning the bike trail, Snyder Park and Riverside

 Dr. Looking for people to sign up. Sign up on the website on flyer.



Working on Employee handbook after elections.

Grants: certain paperwork has to be completed, there was never a consensus done. It would be a huge amount of

matching funds, spoke with Tina. Meter’s need to be replaced for the betterment of the Village. A

$450,000 low interest loan could be possible for the grant. Would like to have Tom Bates come back and talk to us again and see if it can be put up for a community vote before going forward. This would be a huge investment and would like the residents to have a say. Want to talk to Tom Bates about the FEMA grant for the FFJWWTP.




MOTION MADE BY Trustee Morford, To Accept Resolution #03-01, 2018 Resolution to Amend the Animal Control Code. Seconded by Trustee Rose. All AYES and No NAYES. MOTION PASSED



Allan Taylor asked when clean up week was. April 23 through April 27.

Steve updated us on Lystek.

Elections tomorrow 12:00- 9:00, questioned Allen Buck about what he does as an Election Coordinator.



MOTION MADE BY Trustee Rose, Seconded by Trustee Denton to adjourn. All AYES and No NAYES. MOTION PASSED

4/13/2018 3:22:06 PM