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Notice Of Consent To Turn Off Village Water Supply

Village of Fultonville

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Fultonville, NY 12072

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Linda Petterson-Law, Mayor                                                                          Robyn Rose, Deputy Mayor


ACCOUNT #                      

Notice of Consent to TURN OFF Village Water Supply



This document serves as notice to the interested parties of the Village of Fultonville that I/we no longer wish to be served with water from the municipal water supply of the Village of Fultonville. Accordingly, a final meter reading will be taken, if applicable, and a final water/sewer bill be issued of which I/we agree to pay without penalty within 30 days of receipt of same. After 30 days a 10% penalty will be applied as prescribed by the rules and regulation governing water/sewer usage that are currently in effect. Upon failure to pay these charges within the current fiscal year they will be relevied to the Village property tax bill, _______(sbl#).





Name:                                                                         Property Location:                                         


Billing Address:                                                          Phone #:                                                         



*** For Office Use Only: Work Order #                     ***



Date Notice Receive:                                                              Turned off for non-payment of rents: ___


Water Meter Reading:                                                            Date Read:                                                     


Disconnect fee N/A:                Paid:                Billed:             Bill Date:                  

                                                (Disconnect fee is not applicable to regular seasonal use only accounts)

This certifies that water/sewer service has been shut off, with a functioning water meter installed, as prescribed by the above notice on this date.


Date:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    DPW Superintendent


Entered into BAS: Date                                                                                          By:                                                                                          

4/17/2018 2:13:42 PM